This season on Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean, I’ve seen some of the worst leadership and management I’ve seen… ever. It’s so bad that I don’t even like the show but I did watch the entire thing so that I could finish writing this post. Oh, the life of a writer. (I wanted to make a “jump-ship” pun, but it’s just not happening today.)

Here are 7 Mistakes that Bad Managers Made on the show (and that you should avoid in your everyday management):

  1. Only Following Through With Rules When It’s Convenient, Not When the Rule Matters Most: Captain Mark says in one episode his tip policy is “all for one and one for all” to justify dividing Daniel’s “VIP” tip money among the rest of the crew. However, when Daniel gets sick and is unable to work, the Captain accepts Daniels request to give his tip to the rest of the crew. If I were an employee on the ship, I’d immediately recognize that Captain Mark’s “all for one, one for all” rule is merely a rule of convenience, not one of integrity.
  2. Letting Department Managers Bully Inferiors: When the main leader doesn’t abide by his own rules, it’s no wonder that managers like Brian are running loose without oversight. Brian bullies Jules and Hannah into cleaning the interior at midnight. He literally stands over the girls, gets in their face, makes passive aggressive comments, and follows them around the boat when they try to diffuse the situation by walking away.
  3. Don’t Make Sexist Remarks. or be sexist at all. Period: Brian constantly makes sexist and demeaning remarks all season to every woman on board – whether in his department or not – constantly throughout the season.
  4. Know When to Let Things Go: Brian doesn’t know when to let it go. He literally tries everything within his power to get Danny fired – even with only one charter left. How ridiculous and immature does he look while doing this?
  5. Make Sure Managers Don’t Choose Favorites Among Inferiors (that includes no sh*t talking): Brian speaks badly of his inferiors to other inferiors. Last time I checked, manager-led gossip is not appropriate workplace behavior.
  6. Be a Servant Leader, Not a Terrible Person: When the guests ask for Brian, Bobby, and Danny to go party with them off the boat but Captain Mark says only two of the three can go, Brian believes he should go, even though he should actually be managing the boat. This indicates that he’s a self-serving leader, not a servant leader. Don’t do that!
  7. Don’t Promote Bad Managers: After all that, the fact that Captain Mark promotes Brian after all that continues to show the lack of professionalism that exists on the boat and in the show.
  8. Don’t Let Customers Mistreat Employees: I understand that these people pay a lot of money for “5 star service.” But, no employee should have to be publicly insulted the way the crew was with the ever-so-hated customers. Captain Mark should really be more plugged in, or give authority to Hannah to tell the customers it’s not okay to treat people poorly.

In conclusion, by putting #PeopleFirst, by actually wanting to make a difference for others, by sticking up for each other, by treating people equally, and being professional, you can make a better management impression.

Have a great night!