Social media has become such a big part of society that even the Queen of England realizes its importance. Queen Elizabeth II has three Twitter accounts, a Facebook Page, and a Youtube account, and is looking for a Head of Digital Engagement to help manage her presence.

When I saw Huffington Post’s Facebook post about the job, I immediately become giddy. To be honest, I had no intention of applying. But, my stomach still felt the same butterflies when I got into the University of Florida or when I fell in love.

I mean, I already have a really great job, but I’m also not legally allowed to work in the UK, and I’d have to quit school, and…well let’s just say there were a lot of ands and buts on this list.

In case you didn’t already know, I work in Social Media for an HR tech company. So, even though I am a social media expert who is insanely happy with her job, I decided to apply last minute (and immediately before I wrote this post) to write this blog post about Recruiting Practices Fit for a Queen (All Hail!)

Alright – so although I can’t share the entire experience because of the whole ‘I can’t legally work in the UK’ thing cutting my application process off short, I love MANY things about the Queen’s candidate experience.

For one – the position was easily findable. Every major and minor online news publication (I haven’t checked paper publications) around the world posted about the position. Huff post posted on Facebook, People Magazine, NowThisRefinery29, MSN shared this – I think you get the point. Anyway, with only a Google search, and a few short clicks, from 1/2 way around the world, I was able to find and apply for this position. Now, I know that’s not realistic for most companies, but the point is ‘make your positions available and easily accessible to all.’

Second, and I’ve ALWAYS said this – I love the fact that the Queen included a salary range in the job posting. Everyone who applies knows exactly what they are in for when they submit an application. She even lists the benefits they offer like 33 paid vacation days (nice BTW) the # of hours required each week, and more!

Finally, I loved the fact that I could sign in to submit an application with my LinkedIn account. Way to stay up-to-date! You go girl!

Anyway, that’s pretty much as far as I got until they asked whether I legally could accept this position and work in the UK. But, until then, #AllHailTheQueen.