As a virtual employee, it’s easy to get passed over for the best projects, promotions, and even help with those projects. People really tend to forget virtual employees exist and their work often gets pushed down on the totem poll. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your chances of getting noticed around the office, even if you aren’t exactly around the office. Read how now:

  1. Send daily updates about what you’ve done. Every day, I take notes
    Staying noticed as a virtual employee can be rough. Read these 5 ways to stay top of mind!
    Staying noticed as a virtual employee can be rough. Read these 5 ways to stay top of mind!

    about everything I’ve done. By the end of the day, I usually have a long  list. I send this list to my boss before I sign off. What this does is it keeps me on the top of her mind, ease her mind that work is actually getting done, and updates her on things I may still be waiting on or may need some assistance on.

  2. Celebrate accomplishments loudly. The great think about working in an office is that when you do something great, people can talk about it. It’s hard for people to think about you if you’re not around and participating in the office “water cooler” talk everyday. Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments. If you’ve done something great, feel free to let your boss know! (Daily recaps can certainly help with this because you can easily write your accomplishments there.)
  3. When you are around the office, go above and beyond to help everyone you can – even if it’s “not your job.” Of course, don’t disobey your boss or help others at the expense of your own work. But, 5 minutes helping a coworker may not kill you. And, sometimes just offering to help is enough.
  4. Talk to everyone in the office, and really care about what they say. Learn about their families, hobbies, and ask them about their interests every time you see them (or regularly.) This will allow you to make friends in many departments and give you something to talk about consistently.
  5. Follow up often. Since you’re far away, when you need to collaborate with coworkers, the chance of your work being “less important” to them increases substantially. To bump yourself up as a priority, follow up on your projects often.

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