Over the summer, I started working for a SUPER AWESOME company as a Social Media Intern.  Everyone there was so happy, friendly, funny, and the company had great perks like catered lunches, a free ice cream and smoothie truck, treadmill desks, ping pong tables, a basketball court, etc. Everything was great. Even my first assignment was fantastic – to improve the company’s Pinterest page. Yes, I got to sit on Pinterest all day at work. I know you’re jealous.

After my internship, I was supposed to enter The College of William and Mary’s full-time MBA program. I was so excited to build new business skills. However, as my internship came to an end, I was heartbroken so to speak. I didn’t want to leave.

As I was ending my internship, the company announced they were looking to hire a Social Media Specialist full time. Here’s how I got the job:


  1. Always do more than everyone else expects.
  2. Rather than just working for your boss, help everyone. (Assuming your work is done.)
  3. Be positive. A “Happy Monday!” email can make everyone’s week, and keep you in their mind.
  4. Ask everyone about their day, and listen. Ask them about their families, weekends, relationships, etc.
  5. Ask for the job you want – if your boss doesn’t know you want the job, you’ll never get it.
  6. Take criticism well – if someone asks you to do something better or different, just change. Don’t make a big deal out of something small. Not everyone will love everything you do.
  7. Be flexible. This internship was only supposed to be a 2 month internship. I was supposed to go to school. When the opportunity arose, I jumped.


Now, you might be wondering what happened with the MBA program. When I accepted my position, I transferred to the part-time program for working professionals.

So…if you’re reading, I hope this helps you land your dream job, too!