Happy Sunday! Here are some things I do on Sundays that make my work week easier!

1. Do all laundry for the week and set out outfits for the week

Having pre-set outfits allows you to skip the “I have nothing to wear today” problem. It allows you to plan for meetings, for post-work events, and allows you to dress your best even on mornings that are a drag.

2. Go grocery shopping for the week

When you go grocery shopping, buy healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack foods that you will actually want to eat. By doing so, you will probably eat healthier and you might even spend less by not going out to eat!

3. Pre-pack Monday’s breakfast and lunch

By setting up your breakfast and packing your lunch in the morning you prevent the unhealthy and costly “I’ll just go out to eat for lunch today” thoughts. And, by including snacks in your lunch, you may even prevent your usual “2 PM crash.”

FYI: This will require you to bring a lunch box to work. Here are some cute, insulated lunch boxes on Etsy.  (This post is NOT sponsored by Easy and does not endorse any of the products below.) https://www.etsy.com/market/insulated_lunch_bag

Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great week!